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Diagnosing and Treating Dry Eye

Diagnosing and Treating Dry Eye at Kovesdy Family Eyecare

Here at Kovesdy Family Eyecare, our dry eye doctor, Dr. Jeffrey Kovesdy, diagnoses and treats dry eye, which causes eye pain and blurry vision. Patient in Westlake, OH suffering from dry eyes

Dry Eye Disease

Dry eye disease occurs when you either have insufficient tear production or poor quality tears. Insufficient tear production means that your eyes do not produce enough tears. This results in insufficient lubrication of your eyes. When your tears are of poor quality, they evaporate too fast. Both of these causes can lead to dry, itchy eyes and scratches on your cornea.

Dry Eye Symptoms

Common dry eye symptoms include burning or gritty sensations in the eye, eye pain, red eyes, blurry vision and eye exhaustion. Dry eye can be considered acute or chronic. Acute dry eye is generally caused by temporarily taking certain medications, like decongestants and antihistamines, working is a dusty or dry climate and failing to blink often enough. Chronic dry eye can be caused by taking certain daily prescription medications, inflammation of the eye lids or membranes around the eye and certain chronic diseases.

Dry Eye Diagnosis

Making a dry eye diagnosis involves examining the membranes around your eyes and eyelids and looking at your cornea. Our optometrist will also measure the amount of tears in your eyes and the quality of those tears. If our eye doctor determines that you do have dry eye, we will recommend the appropriate treatment options.
Dry Eye Treatment with our Optometrist in Westlake
The appropriate dry eye treatment will depend on the severity of your dry eye disease and its causes. Warm compresses can help ease dry eye that is caused by blockages in the tears glands in the upper eyelids, and creams and eye drops can help alleviate symptoms during the day and at night. If your dry eye does not adequately respond to these treatments, our dry eye doctor may recommend tear duct plugs.
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