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Optometrist in Westlake for Your Next Eye Exam

prt_eye_examsIt’s important to know when to schedule your next eye exam. When you wear corrective lenses, you should have a yearly exam. Even if your eyesight is perfect, you should still see an eye doctor every year. If you haven’t been to the eye doctor and you live in the Westlake area, it’s time to set up your next eye exam with our optometrist. Children who are at low risk should be seen by an eye doctor at least every year, while a more individualized plan will be created for children who have been identified as having risks for eye problems.

Children Who are At Risk for Eye Problems

Some children are at risk for eye problems, and these include children who were born prematurely, and those that were born at a low birth weight. Children should be seen by an eye doctor when they around six months old, and again around age three. Risk factors for eye problems also include:

  • if the child has developmental delays.
  • if the eyes are cross-eyed or turned.
  • if there is a family history of diseases of the eye.
  • if the child suffers from physical disabilities.

If a child has a normal eye exam at six months and again at three years old, the child can then be seen by an eye doctor every year.

If your child wears corrective lenses, they should have an eye exam done every year.

When to Schedule Your Adult Eye Exam

If you are an adult that wears corrective lenses, you should visit with your eye doctor once a year just to check in. While your eyes tend to change less as you get older, it’s still important to have your vision checked. If you don’t wear corrective lenses and you have not noticed any vision changes, you can get a routine eye exam every year.

As you get older, you may begin to notice problems driving at night or reading fine print. This can indicate the beginnings of cataracts, or simply that you need to start wearing reading glasses. Cataracts are common in adults, and they are easily identified in a routine eye exam. Cataracts are also easy to treat, and if you can’t see while driving at night or your vision has become cloudy, it’s time to get an eye exam to see if you have cataracts.

More serious eye problems can also occur, and this is why it is essential to see your eye doctor if you notice any vision changes. If you are seeing spots, wavy lines, or you have double vision, you need to be evaluated by an eye doctor. While it may be possible to treat your condition, it’s important to see your eye doctor immediately before the problem gets worse.